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Lab safety-related laws and regulations having the force of law

How to dispose of empty chemical containers

If you use chemical products or lab chemicals, you probably empty a bottle occasionally. What do you do with it?

Improperly-disposed containers can expose custodians and the public to hazardous chemicals, can create legal liability for you and the university, and can even explode at the disposal facility.

Find out what to do (and what not to do) in What do I do with my empties?

US “Select Agents” listing

The US Federal Select Agent Program oversees the possession, use, and transfer of biological select agents and toxins. A list of Select Agents and toxins can be found here.

Although most of the Select Agents are serious human pathogens such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus and bubonic plague organism,  the list includes some toxins used legitimately in biological research, such as ricin.

National Select Agent Registry–CDC

Government agencies with lab safety information

Many government agencies have jurisdiction or interest in laboratory safety, and their websites often contain useful information.