Month: May 2021

Safely Vacating a Laboratory

Why might you vacate a lab? While the reasons vary from temporary renovations to permanent  relocation, health and safety needs remain the same. This safety note will help you safely vacate a laboratory, whether you are a principal investigator (PI) or another lab researcher, and help you leave the lab in a safe state for the next occupant 

What do I do? 

  1. Before vacating the lab space, you (or alternately your department administrator) must contact Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) staff to arrange an inspection of the area.  
  2. Clean-out can be lengthy. Provide notice as early as possible. 
  3. Contact HSE at 410-516-8798. 
  4. HSE will inventory the hazardous materials in the lab and will provide an action list for the PI. The list covers: 
  5. Safely removing all hazardous materials from the lab; 
  6. Disposing of these materials safely;and 
  7. Decontaminating all laboratory surfaces that may have biological, chemical, and/or radioactive materials on them, including equipment. 
  8. The PI must address the noted issues note unless HSE gives other instructions. 
  9. HSE may involve an outside contractor for special issues. Have a representative present so as to guarantee disposal of only unwanted materials.  
  10. After addressing the checklist, contact HSE for a final inspection and a release certificate. 

JHU Policy