Category: Policies/regulations

Lab safety-related laws, regulations, and JHU safety policies

Government agencies with lab safety information

Many government agencies have jurisdiction or interest in laboratory safety, and their websites often contain useful information.

Hopkins requirements for chemical handling

As a part of its compliance with occupational safety regulations, JHU has a set of Standard Operating Procedures for various types of chemicals (e.g., corrosives, compressed gases, carcinogens, flammables, etc.). Following these rules for chemical handling is mandatory.

Make sure you have the campus SOPs bookmarked in your browser if you use hazardous chemicals.

Health, Safety, and Environment guidance

Most people are unaware that the Department of Health, Safety, and Environment has both safety policies and safety guidance documents. The guidance documents provide more detailed technical information than the policies, and despite the name, compliance is mandatory.

Important guidance documents include: G07, on chemical use in labs; G09, on laser pointers; and G11, the escalation protocol for unaddressed safety violations.

How to find Hopkins safety policies

All JHU affiliates are responsible, as a condition of their affiliation, to follow all established safety policies.

JHU safety policies are not hosted directly at a Homewood URL; Hopkins uses a unified system Hopkins Policies Online (HPO), to store all relevant policies.

Use as a quick way to find JHU safety policies.

Note that JHU and JHMI share a common set of safety policies–the Johns Hopkins Joint Committee on Health, Safety, and Environment makes them. Several policies, though, are hospital-specific or have sections that are healthcare-only, so read carefully.