Available Laser Training and Self-Study Resources

Lasers are a valuable tool for conducting good science in the lab environment. However, safe science is good science, so it is incredibly important that all researchers using lasers understand their safe operation to avoid any incidents.  

Laser safety is a broad and comprehensive topic that requires proper training and materials to address. For information on laser safety training see here. This link will guide you through finding and taking the correct laser safety training depending on your role and exposure risk.   

Additionally, for more information or self-study materials, check out the Safe Laser Use page on the JHU Lab Safety websiteThis is your place to go for lab safety resources on the Homewood campus. We cover a variety of specific topics that you as a student or researcher must know.   

Finally, further information on general laser usage and safety, including relevant laws and regulation can be found on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Laser Hazards page and the Laser Institute of America. These two sources provide a large range of additional training and reference materials for anyone interested in maximizing laser safety within their work and research environment.   

Contact Mr. Niel Leon, Laser Safety Advocate, at 913-302-8500 or [email protected] for more information about laser training and self-study resources.