Safety Education

Not Rocket Science: A JHU Safety Note 

posted: May 20, 2022

A researcher spilled beta-mercaptoethanol on their forearm without proper PPE. Learn more about this incident and lessons learned here!


posted: October 21, 2021

Learn how to choose the right glove for your lab environment with this Safety Note.

Introduction to Standard Operating Procedures

Posted: October 21, 2021

Learn more about writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with this Safety Note.

Introduction to Pressure Vessel Safety and Regulations

posted: June 28, 2021

Learn about pressure vessel safety and regulation with this blog post.

How to be a Lab Safety Buddy

posted: June 28, 2021

Learn how to be a lab safety buddy with this blog post.

Some Safety Measures Are Better Than Others: The Hierarchy of Controls

posted: June 03, 2021

Learn about the hierarchy of controls with this blog post.

Safely Vacating a Laboratory

Posted: May 06, 2021

Learn how to safely vacate a lab with this blog post.

Safety Eyewear

posted: February 28, 2021

Learn about the role and importance of Safety Eyewear with this JHU Safety Note.

Introduction to Fume Hoods and Biological Safety Cabinets

posted: February 28, 2021

Learn about fume hoods and biological safety cabinets with this JHU Safety Note.

Why Not to Trust Personal Protective Equipment

POSTED: February 23, 2021

Learn why PPE cannot be trusted for complete protection and instead must be used with other hazard controls.

Tidy Labs Are Cool

posted: January 25, 202`1

Learn why it is important to keep your lab clean, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Alone

posted: january 09, 2021

Learn when and how you can safely work alone in the lab.

Old Chemicals

Posted: November 30, 2020

Learn how to review and dispose of old chemicals here.

Hitting the “Pause Button”

POSTEd: may 25, 2019

Learn how to “hit the pause button” and respond to unanticipated lab safety issues here.

Office fire extinguisher training now offered by HSE

Posted: may 25, 2019

Office fire extinguisher training and resources for extinguishing early-stage fires is now available.

HPLC waste handling

posted: may 25, 2019

Learn how to store, handle, and dispose of High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLCs) here.

Managing experimental scope changes

posted: June 03, 2018

Learn how to create safe and efficient broad-scope experimental design, and properly apply safety analysis, here.

Warning: Graphite oxide explosions

posted: April 27, 2018

Learn how to safely handle and store graphite oxide to avoid explosive incidents here.

Keep an accurate chemical inventory

posted: February 02, 2018

Learn the regulations and requirements for keep an up-to-date chemical inventory here.

How to test an eyewash or drench hose station

posted: October 09, 2017

Learn how to test eyewash and drench hose stations and properly log the results here.

Transporting chemicals

posted: September 14, 2017

Learn how to safely transport chemicals here.

Situational awareness

Posted: july 25, 2017

Initiating and maintaining situational awareness is a crucial step towards maintaining a safe lab environment.

Unattended experiments

Posted: July 29, 2016

Learn how to maintain a safe lab environment during unattended experiments here.

When do you need safety eyewear? Always!

posted: june 01, 2015

Learn the whens and whys for wearing safety eyewear in the lab here. (Hint: the answer is always)

Lab air can kill you

posted: may 26, 2015

Learn about the dangers of compressed air here.

JHU chemical waste disposal

posted: April 27, 2015

Learn how to register and dispose of your chemical waste here.

What to do if you can’t follow a safety rule

posted: April 27, 2015

Learn what to do if a safety rule is not practical or applicable to your experiment here.

Finding (Material) Safety Data Sheets for chemicals

posted: April 27, 2015

Learn how to find safety data sheets for chemicals here.