Tidy Labs Are Cool

Now that COVID-19 is a part of our daily life in the lab, we’ve become accustomed to disinfecting after each work shift. Keeping a tidy lab, free of clutter and unnecessary equipment, makes the lab easier to disinfect—there is less that needs to be moved out of the way, less that needs to be wiped. Your disinfecting routine will also be more effective, since you are less likely to miss spots.

Tidy labs are also safer, because there are no bottles of chemicals waiting to be knocked off the bench, sharp tools hiding under piles of paper, or round objects such as screw or rods waiting to cause slips and falls.

Lastly, a clean lab is more efficient. Although it takes time to put things away when they are not needed, this is generally more than offset by not having to search for items, not having to clear away space on the bench or in the hood to work, etc. Be safer, be more efficient, and avoid COVID-19 simply by keeping a tidy lab.

If you have questions about lab safety and efficiency improvements, contact Dr. Daniel Kuespert, Homewood Laboratory Safety Advocate, at [email protected]. See Dr. Kuespert’s website, https://labsafety.jhu.edu, for more safety information. As always, emergency response is available from Security at 410-516-7777.