When setting up a new laser experiment it is important to design your experiment to maximize your chances of success. Doing can be a relatively straight forward process following a few basic steps.

  1. Define your experiment and experimental setup referring to the Laser Installation Information Instructions.
  2. Submit your Laser Installation Information Sheet to Niel Leon ([email protected]) the Laser Safety Advocate for review.
  3. Once received the LSA will review the document and schedule a review as part of the Risk Assessment Process. This process will include:
    • Registering the laser(s) in JHU’s Laser Management System as necessary.
    • Identification of Laser Safety Training for all researchers and users of your lab.
    • Identify Beam and Non-beam hazards that should be considered and ensuring appropriate mitigations are taken.

This process is designed so we can ensure a repeatable, straight forward and safer experimental environment. The goal of the Laboratory Safety Advocates Office is to facilitate the highest quality research at JHU as part of “A scholarly, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment in which innovation, creativity, risk-taking, and the ethical practice and applications of engineering and technology are paramount.” (Dean Ed Schleshinger, 12 Sep 2019)