Cold Storage Training through myLearning

Before working with cryogens and low-temperature materials at JHU, you must learn to recognize the hazards and know how to avoid them.  There are two major temperature regions to be concerned about.

  • -40o to -80o C – Cold storage freezers

  • Cryogens – <-80o C

-40o to -80oC ­­Cold Storage Freezers

Cold storage freezers can either be cabinet or walk-in. With either type, you should ensure the integrity of your samples and keep your safety in mind.

  • Always wear proper PPE including cold-temperature gloves when handling samples.
  • Keep an inventory of material in your freezer. Dispose of old and outdated samples.
  • Keep accumulated frost to a minimum. 
  • Ensure all door seals and closures are clear of frost and ice buildup.

You may find the listed cryogen safety courses helpful, particularly if you use low temperature freezer rooms.

Note that dry ice falls into this temperature range as well.

Working with Cryogens: < -80o C

All Hopkins affiliates working with cryogens (ultra cold liquids like liquid nitrogen) should take the following myLearning courses before working with cryogens. 

Once you’ve completed these courses, contact the Laboratory Safety Advocates with questions–we’d be glad to help select PPE, create standard operating procedures, etc.

Dr. Dan Kuespert, CSP (Homewood Laboratory Safety Advocate)

Victoria Lai (Assoc. Research Safety Advocate)

*Use cryogens in your lab? Fill out the survey to help us learn more about their usage across campus