In case of fire or explosion

Do this immediately

  1. NOTIFY others in the area of the hazard
  2. SHUT DOWN equipment using emergency stops and close fume hoods and BSCs if it is SAFE to do so
  3. EVACUATE the area
  4. SOUND the nearest fire or emergency alarm as you exit the building
  5. CONTINUE to a safe area at least 50 feet from the building

Do this once you are in a safe location

  1. CONTACT Security [(410)516-7777] using your cell phone or an emergency blue-light phone
  2. TELL the operator:
    1. Location of incident
    2. What is happening or happened
    3. Missing or injured individuals
    4. Name of responsible lab manager or PI
  3. Agree on a location to MEET RESPONDING SECURITY OFFICER
  4. WAIT IN YOUR SAFE AREA for Security and emergency responders. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SAFE AREA.
  5. PROVIDE INFORMATION to responding Security officer as needed

Do this when the situation is stabilized

  1. CONTACT your lab manager and PI
  2. WRITE DOWN everything you remember about the incident