In case of biological exposure

Do this immediately

  1. During business hours (M-F 9am-5pm)
    1. STUDENTS: CALL Student Health Services [(410)516-8270]
    2. EMPLOYEES (faculty, staff, student working for pay/stipend): CALL Occupational Health Services [(410)516-0450]
  2. After business hours
    1. CALL JHMI Needlestick Hotline [(410)955-7849]
    2. TELL the operator
      1. Location of exposure
      2. Who was exposed and to what agent
      3. Name of responsible lab manager or PI
    3. FOLLOW the instructions they give
    4. If needed, CALL Security [(410)516-4600] or the Blue Jay Shuttle [(410)516-5121] for transport assistance

Do this when the situation is stabilized

  1. CONTACT your PI and lab manager
  2. WRITE DOWN everything you remember about the incident